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Forrest Ranch Beef

Slaton Meals on Wheels - Ground Beef by the pound

Slaton Meals on Wheels - Ground Beef by the pound

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Slaton Meals on Wheels uses ground beef in many of their dishes that they serve to about 80 Seniors per day. Protein is one of the most expensive ingredients in a dish and we wanted to give you the opportunity to help us help the Slaton Meals on Wheels keep beef on the menu by purchasing a pound or more of ground beef at Whole Bulk Beef Price! 

Every pound of ground beef you purchase through this item will be given to the Slaton Meals on Wheels. You will receive a donation receipt for you taxes from Slaton Meals on Wheels. PLUS, we will add 15% more ground beef to the total ordered for this great cause!

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All of our beef is born, raised and fed right here at the ranch on native pasture. We never feed or give any of our ranch-to-table beef antibiotics or growth hormones.


This is the beef we have been feeding our family for generations! For over 100 years our family has been producing beef right here on this ranch.

We want to carry on that legacy for the next generation and hopefully share it with your family as well through our delicious beef.


We offer delivery or pickup within 60 miles of Slaton, TX! We can also SHIP anywhere in Texas!!