About Your Ranchers



Our dream and our legacy

Our dream is to share the high quality beef that we have always enjoyed as ranchers with our community and beyond.  You no longer have to be a farmer or rancher to enjoy wonderful beef that is free of antibiotics and hormones, and was cared for by ranchers beginning to end. 

Our animals live out their lives on ranch pasture. They are grass and grain-fed to finish out with the high quality beef you can only get straight from the ranch. We take pride in producing the best tasting beef you’ve ever eaten. 

Forrest Ranch is a legacy of family.  We are a family operation that is raising up the 6th generation of ranchers.  Amber (Forrest) and Casey Davis along with their daughters Clara and Alice are the heart and soul of the operation.  The ranch has been in the Forrest family for over 100 years.  We are all about living and sharing the legacy left to us by previous generations.




Alice, Amber, Casey and Clara Davis

Amber is the ranch mom which means she chases cows and kids, sometimes at the same time. She and her sisters grew up working the ranch right next to her Dad, Lynn. They also learned to cook a full meal to feed a hungry crew and how to sew from their Mom, Sheila. Amber and her sister Amy grew up showing steers in 4-H where they developed a love of cattle.  Amber loves ranching and being able to share what we do with others.

Casey is an EMT and works full-time off the ranch, works more than full-time on the ranch, and is also in charge of our wildlife program. That includes our participation in the Texas Parks and Wildlife MLD Program which allows us to manage our deer populations in order to conserve resources for the future. He is passionate about wildlife and teaching our youth to enjoy the outdoors. He organizes Youth Hunts with the TWPD. He loves to share our love of nature and respect for the food the Lord has provided us by helping future generations harvest their own food. 

Casey and Amber have two beautiful daughters, Clara and Alice. They are learning to be wonderful ranch hands. We love the lessons they are learning at such young ages to take with them through life, whether they choose to be ranchers or not. The girls also love spending time with grandparents, sports, school, playdays, 4-H projects and showing heifers and goats in Jr FFA and 4-H. 


Our Inspiration

Lynn and Sheila Forrest, have taught all of us the value of hard work and perseverance. “Pop”, as we all affectionately started calling Lynn after Clara was born, went to be with our Lord in February 2018. Sheila or “Gran”, remains involved in the ranching operations. 

Pop taught us the love of the land and cattle. He loved ranching and he loved his family, especially his granddaughters.

Gran lives on the ranch out in the middle of the pasture where she can watch the calves go by in the spring. She says she’s not leaving her little slice of heaven any time soon.

Gran and Pop have shown us all how to keep the faith even in hard times. They have lived a life that will leave a legacy in our family for years to come.

Casey and Amber with Lynn and Sheila

Casey and Amber with Sheila and Lynn at the Davis' wedding in 2008