Branding Day Becomes a Ranch-Family Gathering

Branding Day Becomes a Ranch-Family Gathering

Here at the ranch, we tend to concentrate work days into a few days per year. This doesn't mean that these are the only days we work cattle, but it is when the biggest jobs get done. Its when we ask others to come help us. Most often the people who help us are from the neighboring ranches and friends of our family that have helped us for years. 

This years Branding Day was no different than all the rest. It was like the "ranch family" reunion! The "kids" (who aren't kids anymore) that grew up working here with their dad were teaching our girls how to flank calves and participate more fully in branding day.

Life has done what it does and come full circle yet again. This is why we do what we do. We want to help raise up the next generation in agriculture. The young men that grew up working here, their kids, our girls, and other young people.

We have a special video to share with you that was created by the cook of the day, Zach Williams from @brisketmedic on YouTube!


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