Collection: Individual Retail Cuts

Purchase your favorite cuts individually.

These will be delivered or shipped out as they are available. Due to the differing number of each cut available per animal, individual cuts are the hardest to manage online, therefore you may have to wait for a specific cut to be available. We will do our best to keep the website up to date, but our current inventory has to supply packs as well.

If you will be waiting longer than 2 shipping/delivery dates (10-14days depending on your order day), we will notify you and ask if you prefer to wait until it is in stock OR choose another item so that your order can be shipped or delivered. 

Shipping days are MONDAY only for summer. There will be no orders shipped Monday July 3.

Local delivery depends on order numbers for the week. We try to get them out within 1-3 days of ordering if possible with our schedule. 

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