Bulk Beef: how, when and why to order

Upcoming Bulk Beef Deposits: How to Order Bulk Beef

Each year, we have one major harvest season for our cattle. This is also the time of year when we take deposits from our customers to reserve their beef for the year. What this means is that you place a deposit reserving your Eighth, Quarter, Half or Whole Beef for delivery at a later date.

This helps us to know how many cattle to finish out, and gives you the chance to lock in this year's prices on your beef! You will also have the peace of mind knowing that you are feeding your family quality beef free of antibiotics & hormones. 

This year our Deposit window will open on September 8, 2023 and delivery dates will run from December thru February 2024.

Our goal is for all of our beef to be sold as Bulk Beef so don't take the chance that you can just catch us at a Market throughout the year because we might not have any beef to sell!

If it seems like too much beef for your household, consider getting a friend or family member to split one of the larger packs with you. This gives you both the best pricing and we will even split it up for you!

Here are the steps to placing your order:

  1. Place a Deposit-Choose your bundle size and quantity and place your deposit
  2. Choose a delivery method-Choose to pick up your beef in the Slaton/Lubbock area or have it SHIPPED FOR FREE
  3. We keep raising your beef-We keep raising your beef until it is ready for harvest, sending you email updates along the way
  4. Processing- Once cattle are harvested, they will age for about 21 days and then be cut, packaged, and vacuum sealed for long-lasting freshness. They will then be delivered to our warehouse.
  5. Final payment & Delivery- We weigh your beef and send a final invoice for the total due. We will contact you to arrange delivery or shipments.

Check out our Bulk Beef Collection for more information about package sizes

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